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Government Affairs Council

Government Affairs Committee Members

David Charpentier
Conscious Dynamics LLC

Bill Lantry
GE Credit Union

Jason Kershner

Dr. George Sehi
Women Walking West

Dan Kommeth
Kenwood Dealer Group

Sherry Taylor
Mason Deerfield Chamber

Randy Kuvin
Flagel Huber Flagel


Mission Statement
The Mason Deerfield Chamber, through its Government Affairs Committee, is dedicated to promoting, educating and advocating on behalf of local,  state and federal issues that are directly and indirectly relevant to the Mason and Deerfield Township business community.

List of Committee Objectives

  • Facilitate a process of increasing communication among and between Chamber members and representatives of governmental bodies of interest to the Mason-Deerfield business community.
  • Create opportunities for community deliberation on pending issues to the business community.
  • Based on consensus reached by the Mason-Deerfield Chamber Board of Directors, form a plan and policy agenda for advocating on behalf of the interests of Mason-Deerfield businesses.
  • Identify and cultivate those interested in business growth and development for community leadership roles and elected positions.
  • Serves as a catalyst on issues relevant and important to the business community.

Criteria for Board Consideration of Issues

  • Must be an issue that impacts business growth and development.
  • Can be an issue involving governmental entities that make decisions impacting business growth and development.
  • Can be a particular stand on a particular issue raised by an elected or appointed government official or candidate seeking an elected or appointed governmental position.
  • Motivated on individual position, not partisan politics.

Issue Choices Checklist

  • Can we define a “win” on this issue?
  • How does this issue fit into the Mason-Deerfield Chamber Legislative Agenda?
  • Will the help of our organization make a real difference to the outcome?
  • Does the issue affect a large number of our members in a significant way?
  • Is working on this issue likely to help build the organization?
  • Do people feel strongly about the issue?
  • Will it be possible for us to adequately learn the technical aspects of this issue?
  • Is this the kind of issue that will unite our members? Can we even get consensus?
  • Does the issue fit into our larger mission?
  • Does the political gain exceed the political pain of getting involved?
  • What are the motives of the parties that brought this issue to our attention?
  • Are our allies and neighbors likely to take on this issue?
  • Is this issue going to be dealt with during the next twelve months, whether we are in the fight or not?
  • Do we need to fight this fight to establish or maintain our credibility with members and/or policy makers’?
  • Does the issue make the Mason Deerfield Chamber and the Advocacy MADE Committee influential, effective, and/or impactful?
  • Can the issue be easily explained and messaged?
  • Our own criteria for consideration:
    The Mason Deerfield Chamber will continue its critical role as the primary advocate for Mason-Deerfield's growth and prosperity. We will be focused, issue-based, and non-partisan while asserting the positive and essential role business plays in improving our community and expanding opportunities for all citizens.

*To submit a Policy Consideration Form, please download the form. Completed forms can be emailed to

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