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Policy Pillars

A pro-business climate is critical to the superior quality of life we enjoy in Mason-Deerfield and creates the gateway for growth and expansion of current and future businesses. Through the Government Affairs program, the Mason Deerfield Chamber develops local policy priorities and communicates the Chamber’s positions and top priorities on issues important to the area’s citizens and business community.

The Chamber’s Policy Priorities are developed by the Government Affairs Executive Council, through feedback from the annual Membership Legislative Survey, and communicates the Chamber’s positions on issues at the state, local, and federal levels of government.

MADE Chamber's Policy Pillars

Economic Development

The Mason Deerfield Chamber supports economic development strategies that encourage business innovation, enable revitalization, and support growth for existing and startup businesses.

Partnerships for Prosperity: Encourage City of Mason and Deerfield Township leaders to continue to look beyond political subdivision lines to advance the two communities forward together, through the implementation of the 5-year strategic action agenda.

Development and Overlay Districts: Lead advocacy efforts for appropriate economic development incentives and tools that aim to drive property development and revitalization.

Positive Business Climate

The Mason Deerfield Chamber advocates on behalf of the local economy for local and state policies that enhance and protect a positive business climate.

Regulation: Advocate for business regulations that are efficient, simple to understand and implement, and provide certainty for local businesses.

Taxes: Ensure tax liabilities locally and statewide are reasonable and contribute positively to the business climate.

Education and Talent

The Mason Deerfield Chamber believes strategic efforts to identify and remove barriers in education will strengthen economic vitality and support business growth.

Workforce Development: Remain engaged in local education initiatives that connect business to their future workforce while pursuing additional opportunities to develop talent for the region.

Quality of Place

The Mason Deerfield Chamber supports high-impact initiatives and projects that increase our community’s livability and improve the quality of life in our region.

Focal Point and Gathering Spaces: Remain engaged in discussions focused on ensuring our region fills its gap to offer residents and visitors gathering spaces for community connections.

Transportation and Infastructure

The Mason Deerfield Chamber will advocate for transportation policies and infrastructure improvements that reflect regional needs.

Public/Mass Transit: Advocate for public transportation that promotes economic development along transit corridors, reflects regional service needs, and considers a system-wide approach to expansion that prioritizes corridors that deliver strong return on investment.

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