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MADE Membership FAQ


  1. Why did the MADE Chamber change the membership structure?

    Like many member-based organizations, we are moving to a tiered benefits structure that provides benefits based on investment level and not the number of employees in a particular company. Our goal is to improve the benefits, value, and quality of service you receive from your MADE Chamber membership by allowing you to choose a package that is the best fit for your organization.

  2. How is the new structure different from the old one?

    The tiered structure clearly outlines a list of benefits members receive for each level. The new membership structure is more equitable and not the outdated “cookie cutter” format. You will no longer be charged for services you don’t use and won’t be “punished” for growing your business by hiring employees.

  3. Will I still be able to receive benefits that are not included in my selected level?

    Even though many of the programs and services are available a la carte, in many cases it is more cost-effective to use these benefits within their designed tier. Most of the programs are available to purchase separately at their stated fees. Some benefits, such as invitation-only or executive committees, are only available to members who invest in the selected levels.

  4. When do I have to do to change to the new structure?

    The MADE Chamber staff will send a renewal letter about 30 days prior to your anniversary date that recommends a membership level based on your current involvement with the chamber. But, you will be able to select any level that best meets your needs. Until your anniversary date, your dues are still reflective of the previous employee count structure.

  5. What if I choose to upgrade to a different tier during the year?

    If you choose to upgrade at your time of renewal, you will be billed for the new tier. If you upgrade after your anniversary, your bill will be prorated to adjust for the new tier amount. On your anniversary you will then be invoiced for the full upgraded tier amount.

  6. How do I access the benefits in my tier?

    Membership benefits in your tier may be accessed any time during the annual period. If there are specific benefits stated that you want to access, such as mailing labels, call or email chamber staff. MADE Chamber staff will send you the item, provide a link, or get you registered! Quarterly the primary representative in your account will be emailed a summary of your benefit usage so you readily know what is still available and what has been used.

  7. Which level is best for my business?

    Although the MADE Chamber staff can recommend a level that is appropriate for you, you will have the choice to select the membership level. Each level offers a package of benefits for a fixed annual investment. You may select a different level the following year based on how you want to engage with the MADE Chamber and the Mason-Deerfield community.

  8. Can I pay my annual membership dues in multiple payments?

    The MADE Chamber prefers that you pay your annual investment in full. We will, on a limited, case- by-case basis, offer payment schedules. Please contact the MADE Chamber office for details.

  9. Who can answer other questions I have?

    For additional questions, please feel free to contact chamber staff at (513) 336-0125 or The MADE Chamber staff can explain the programs, services and benefits at each level.

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